3 Fun Spots to Check Out in Lafayette

Lafayette, IN | Raisor Automart

Lafayette is home to numerous spots that are great for families and individuals. From wonderful scenery to unique experiences and museums, Lafayette has it all. Here are a handful of fun spots to check out in Lafayette!

Art Museum of Greater Lafayette

The Art Museum of Greater Lafayette was originally founded in 1909. Back then, it was called the Lafayette Art Association. It wasn’t long before 25 citizens led the charge to bring annual exhibitions and permanent works of art to the city. In less than a month, more than 386 members joined the association. The name officially changed to the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette in 2000. Today, the museum is home to several fascinating exhibits, including a look at beauty in natural photography.

Wildcat Creek Winery

The Wildcat Creek Winery features a rustic setting and a focus on Midwestern fruit. The winery is home to more than 12 award-winning wines, making it a great place to sit back, relax, and take in the view.

Haan Mansion Museum of Indiana Art

The Haan Mansion Museum of Indiana Art is home to the largest collection of Indiana art in the world. Featuring more than 100 paintings, ceramics, furniture, and decorative art, the museum is a top attraction of art and history fanatics. More than 60 paintings by historic artists make up a permanent exhibit.

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Tips for Driving in the Snow

Driving in the Snow | Raisor Automart

Winter driving can be dangerous thanks to snow and icy conditions, but there are plenty of techniques you can use when driving to stay safe and avoid accidents. Here are some tips to keep in mind when driving in the snow.

1: Drive slow

The best way to stay safe on the snow is to take it slow. If you’re driving at a lower speed, you’re less likely to slip on an icy patch and you have more time to brake. Braking suddenly can make you slide, so having the space to brake slowly is incredibly important.

2: Accelerate slowly

This is similar to the first point, but you don’t just have to keep your speed low—you need to accelerate at a slower rate, too. If you’re idling at a stoplight or speeding up to go around someone on the highway, taking off quickly will just make your wheels spin, so go easy on the gas pedal.

3: Stop as rarely as possible

Braking on icy roads often means sliding, but if you’re going slow enough, you won’t have to use the brake nearly as much. If you can avoid braking, do so, especially if you’re going up a hill. It’s much harder to get started again on a hill when it’s snowy than when it’s dry.

4: Increase following distance

This goes hand-in-hand with driving slower. Leave more space between yourself and cars ahead of you so that if they stop suddenly, you have more time to react in a way that won’t cause you to slide right into their bumper. Whether you hit the brakes slowly or get into another lane, it’s much better than slamming on the brakes.

5: Turn on your headlights

Snow reduces visibility just like rain and darkness, so it’s vital to keep your headlights on. This not only helps you see, but it lets the people behind you keep track of where you are and lets the people in front of you know when you’re approaching.

Here at Raisor Automart, we hope you and your crew stay safe out there this winter.

Finding the Right Car For You

Finding the Right Car | Raisor Automart | Lafayette, IN

If you need help finding the right car, here are a few guidelines for the baffled car shopper.

What Do You Need?

Before you settle on any specific make or model, it’s always a good idea to go into the car shopping process with a list of what you definitely need in a new car. How many passengers do you have? Do you spend a lot on gas? Do you prefer small and maneuverable cars or large vehicles with plenty of cargo space?

What Can You Spend?

Budgeting for a car goes far above saving up for a down payment. You also have to think about how much you can set aside for loan payments each month, how much you’re willing to spend on fueling up your vehicle, and also keeping up with maintenance and service costs.

Be Open-Minded

Many car-buyers have already picked the exact make and model they are looking for, but it’s important not to put all your eggs in one basket.

Always Test-Drive

Test-driving every vehicle you’re considering is very important. It helps you get a feel for driving it, as well as allows you to detect any mechanical issues you may not have noticed just by looking at the vehicle or its history report.

Make Your Choice

With all of the information above now at your disposal, it becomes much easier for you to make your selection.

If you need help finding the perfect car to fit your needs, we here at Mike Raisor Automart are more than willing to lend a hand.

Is Buying CPO Right For You?

Is Buying CPO Right For You? | Raisor Automart

Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles offer an exceptional value for young drivers. After all, who wouldn’t want to get a like-new vehicle at a major discount? Now all that’s left to do is answer one question: Is buying CPO right for you?


Certified Pre-Owned vehicles aren’t limited to luxury cars. Almost every automaker offers a CPO program designed to make newer vehicles more appealing to the average driver. CPO models are often cost thousands of dollars less than comparable brand new models.

That difference in price, plus a manufacturer-backed warranty, creates true value in CPO vehicles. Since CPO programs have a restriction on how old a vehicle can be, most vehicles will include newer technologies and more standard features, like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Peace of Mind

Buying a used car can be a risk, especially if it isn’t covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. CPO cars often feature manufacturer-backed warranties that provide extra peace of mind. In order to enter the CPO program, a car must undergo an intense inspection. They also can’t have any record of collisions. Knowing that your car is solid and protected ensures you can hit the road with your friends after a hard semester of classes.

Special Deals

Manufacturers often put an emphasis on Certified Pre-Owned cars that results in special financing deals. Lenders, like banks and credit unions, tend to favor CPO cars over standard used models. As a result, both manufacturers and lenders may offer lower interest rates. In some cases, the rates may even match those of new cars.

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Winter Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Winter Vehicle Maintenance | Raisor Automart

For every season, there’s a set of vehicle maintenance tasks that you should perform to keep your vehicle performing at its very best. In particular, winter is a time that you don’t want to fall behind on your car care, since cold temperatures, snow, and ice place particular stress on your vehicle. Here are some winter vehicle maintenance tips to help get you through the cold months.

  • Check your battery: Batteries don’t perform as well in the cold, so if you have a faulty or failing battery, you may run into trouble. Before it gets too cold out, check your battery and makes sure your charging system is performing as it should.
  • Check your tires: Before there’s snow on the ground, you should check your tire treads. Tires that are overly worn do not provide as much traction on the road, which is especially important when driving on snowy and icy roads. You should also check your tire pressure, as dropping temperatures can change the pressure.
  • Check windshield wiper blades: Hot summer weather dries out wiper blades, causing them to streak and be less effective at clearing your windshield. Since visibility is so important in the winter, you should replace your blades and fill up with wiper fluid before the cold, snowy weather sets in.
  • Check your oil: If your oil is low before winter, you should have it changed and consider opting for low-viscosity oil, which performs better in cold temperatures. While having your oil changed at the shop, consider having a multi-point inspection performed, which includes a range of checks, including tires, lights, and more.

If you need extensive service performed for your vehicle before winter’s worst arrives, bring your vehicle to Mike Raisor Automart.

The Great Pumpkin Patch

The Great Pumpkin Patch | Raisor Automart

The Great Pumpkin Patch, just south of Arthur, Illinois, is the perfect place for families to spend an evening or even a whole weekend this October. There, they can enjoy entertainment, food, and crafts from local vendors, and a range of festivals.

In its 30th season this year, the Great Pumpkin Patch is one of biggest centers of fall festivities in the northwest and has become a staple for locals. It’s located a couple hours away from our home here in Lafayette, but with a high-quality pre-owned vehicle from Mike Raisor Automotive, that drive will feel like it only lasts a few minutes.

Once you arrive, you and your kids can discover the patch’s more than 300 varieties of squash and gourds. You can pick the perfect pumpkins for carving and enjoy live music from musicians, such as Battle Creek Country Band, The Gunny Sack Review, and Jake Tatar.

Squash isn’t all you’ll find on this homey family farm, though. With flower displays of 5,000 mums, fun fall mazes, all kinds of gardens, and even farm animals, the Great Pumpkin Patch is never short on activities for the whole family.

So, if you’re looking for some fall-centric fun, make your way out to the Great Pumpkin Patch.

Welcome to Raisor Automart

Welcome to Our Blog | Raisor Automart

Opening this month, Raisor Automart is a new pre-owned car dealership serving the Lafayette area. We aren’t totally new to the area, though—Mike Raisor is a trusted part of the automotive community, and we will extend our excellent service and high-quality vehicles to our used car dealership.

Raisor Automart isn’t your average used car dealership. Our facility is state-of-the-art, featuring modern design and style, plus the latest technologies to make your car buying experience fast and smooth.

Our first-rate facility reflects the fantastic service of our employees, who are tech-savvy and dedicated to getting you the best car at the best price possible. Plus, they don’t work on commission, so you know they aren’t just trying to make a buck off of you and can focus on providing great service.

Your salesperson is your point of contact through the entire car-buying experience—they take you through the process of choosing a vehicle, test driving, financing, and everything else, so you aren’t getting shuffled around different departments.

Of course, the best thing about Raisor Automart is our quality stock of cars. Every car we sell has a clean CARFAX history report, so you know when you buy from us you’re getting a vehicle without any nasty surprises.

Come explore our lineup of used vehicles here at Mike Raisor Automart.