Winter Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Winter Vehicle Maintenance | Raisor Automart

For every season, there’s a set of vehicle maintenance tasks that you should perform to keep your vehicle performing at its very best. In particular, winter is a time that you don’t want to fall behind on your car care, since cold temperatures, snow, and ice place particular stress on your vehicle. Here are some winter vehicle maintenance tips to help get you through the cold months.

  • Check your battery: Batteries don’t perform as well in the cold, so if you have a faulty or failing battery, you may run into trouble. Before it gets too cold out, check your battery and makes sure your charging system is performing as it should.
  • Check your tires: Before there’s snow on the ground, you should check your tire treads. Tires that are overly worn do not provide as much traction on the road, which is especially important when driving on snowy and icy roads. You should also check your tire pressure, as dropping temperatures can change the pressure.
  • Check windshield wiper blades: Hot summer weather dries out wiper blades, causing them to streak and be less effective at clearing your windshield. Since visibility is so important in the winter, you should replace your blades and fill up with wiper fluid before the cold, snowy weather sets in.
  • Check your oil: If your oil is low before winter, you should have it changed and consider opting for low-viscosity oil, which performs better in cold temperatures. While having your oil changed at the shop, consider having a multi-point inspection performed, which includes a range of checks, including tires, lights, and more.

If you need extensive service performed for your vehicle before winter’s worst arrives, bring your vehicle to Mike Raisor Automart.